when life gets too hard to stand, kneel and pray.

Are you or anyone you know sick? Do you have some other situation that needs prayer? Join us! I was born in 1937 during the Great Depression. We lived with my Grandparents. At that time many families lived together; I grew up with Aunts and Uncles, so I had a lot of attention. I never knew a time when I wasn’t loved. My family was a fundamental, Christian family. We believed the Bible, every word of It. My Grandmother was a very devout Christian lady. I can’t remember when I didn’t have the Lord Jesus in my life. Our lives were totally centered around the church. All our social life was the Church. I was a child interested in the things of the Lord.

I wanted to do what the other kids did. I learned from a very young age about prayer and trusting the Lord for all the things in our lives. When I was 17 months old I contracted pneumonia. It was acute bronchial pneumonia. Everyone said I was going to die. In our community we had an old country doctor that came to our house every day for thirty days. My mother never stopped believing God would heal me. He did! I survived the pneumonia. That was the first time that God spared my life. Lots of people were praying for me. God touched me! There is no place in the Bible where anyone asked Jesus to heal them or family member that He turned them down. That was my first experience with the threat of death. God saw me through it. Praise His name! He is still the same today.

As a child I was read to a lot. I became interested in reading and studying. I became very interested in the things of the Bible. I became involved in the youth program at a very young age. I went to all the activities that were offered.

Our family was confined to the little community we lived in. No one had ever gone away to any kind of program. At age ten, I wanted to go to church camp. It was about one hundred miles away from our home. My parents allowed me to go. I learned a lot from that experience. As I started junior high school my father was diagnosed with a lung disease that was terminal. The disease was the result of his job, during World War II. He worked many long hours during the war. My mother had five children. We had to work to get the money we needed to buy things for school. She provided our shelter and food. She worked long hard hours for us. I was the oldest of five children. When I started high school I wanted to go to college but we had to help care for my father. Early in my senior year he died. I knew if I attended college I would have to pay for it myself. We didn’t have the help that kids have today. I was always praying to God to help me. He did! I went to a liberal arts college. It was academically difficult. I worked hard for everything I got. I saved every penny for college expenses. I worked at the college for my food expenses. My senior year I wanted to eat in the dining room with the other students for one nine week period. When I graduated I had all my expenses paid except the three hundred dollars I had borrowed from my Grandmother to pay my eating expenses. God provided all that for me. Thank You Lord!

Later I met a man, we were married. God was in our marriage from the beginning. My husband loved the Lord greatly. The most devout man I have ever known. He dedicated his life completely to the Lord about two years after we were married. Several years after that he was called into the Gospel ministry. We have always been busy working for the Lord and He has always answered our prayers. We have prayed for many people over the past forty years. Twelve years ago we started an independent church for which we provide the pastoral ministry. We have a daughter, son-in- law, two Granddaughters and a Grandson with whom we enjoy spending time.

I had another episode in my life, on April 30, 2014. I had a heart attack. I came home from the hospital with a bad cough. The doctor sent me for tests. They discovered I had an aneurism in my heart. It was very large and dangerous. I was sent to Pittsburgh to Forbes Regional hospital. I was there for two weeks. One week for diagnosis and one week for surgery and recovery. During all of this I had intercessory prayer by many people. I believed God would come through for me. I was anointed and prayed over by my husband, son-in- law and my two brothers. This surgery was very dangerous and few people survive. God saw me through. Halleluiah! I told my Granddaughter, if I awake and see this dirty ceiling I will know I am here, If I wake and see streets of Gold I will know I am in heaven. God spared my life once again.

I would like everyone to start a prayer life for the things you need. The Lord can answer your prayer also. There are many things in life we can’t handle alone. With the Lord we can handle all of our problems. Let us agree with you in prayer. We will pray for all of your needs until you instruct us to remove your name. Jesus said were two or three agree it shall be done. We need to stand in the gap for one another. God still answers prayer. In Genesis 18:14 we read “Is anything too hard for the LORD?” This is your life, take time to give your life to the Lord. We must remember the devil is stronger than you are without the Lord.

God bless you.


The following are Scripture passages you can read on a daily basis to encourage and strengthen your faith. Choose at least one of these passages to be read as part of your daily devotions. As you read these passages look for the focus of the passage and how it affects your relationship with the LORD.

Genesis 3:1-24

Disobedience and sin alienates man from God.

Exodus 14:1–31

The LORD by His mighty power, can deliver you from your enemies.

Psalm 23:1-6

Allow the LORD to be your Shepherd and supply your life with blessings both now and in the eternal future.

Psalm 91:1-16

If the LORD is your refuge and strength, He will protect and deliver you from those things which seek to harm you.

Luke 2:1-52

The LORD JESUS CHRIST was born into this world to save us from our sin and self. Jesus has all wisdom, power and dominion. It is Jesus we must trust for the salvation of our soul.

John 14:1-31

Jesus is the only way into fellowship with God the Father. As we abide in Jesus we have fellowship and favor with Father God. Those who love Jesus keep His words and do His will. Jesus the “Prince of Peace”, will give His peace to His people.

Revelation 2:1–3:22

Jesus shares His message with the seven churches which were located in Asia Minor. The seven churches represent the church age as a whole. Consider Christ’s message to the churches. Notice the things of which He approves and those things which He disapproves. In His continual statement “He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches” is a clear indication that Jesus desires for people to hear, comprehend and heed His message. Christ’s message has not changed, it is still the same today.

Revelation 21:1–22:21

The Triune God has a place prepared for all who know, love, and are in fellowship with Him. All the trials and tribulations of this life will finally be past, as we enter into the very presence of All-Mighty God at last.


To receive prayer, please reach out to us by phone, email or submit your request below. Your requests will remain private and we will pray over your needs until you instruct us to remove your name. Together, we become stronger in prayer!

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